Capstone College and Career Advising

Jim Bell


“I have always believed in treating my students as if they were my own children. I believe in encouraging, caring for, and challenging each student to reach their full potential as they work toward discovering the college and career of their dreams.”

During his 20-year career in secondary education, Jim Bell, M.Ed., served in many capacities: teacher, principal, head of school. He trained and supervised counselors; he became a sought-after speaker and mentor, working with faculties, school boards and community groups.

But his heart was always in working with students, and in building relationships with students and parents. As the new CEO and owner of Capstone College Advising, Jim has found the perfect role, devoting his decades of experience to the critical task of helping young people create and then reach their goals.

As a longtime Texas educator, Jim has a deep understanding of the college advising process. Over his career, he has helped students earn nearly $25 million in college scholarships. He has also trained and supervised school counselors, and he has served as a board member and advisor for many community and educational organizations, including the Tyler Chamber of Commerce Career Connection Committee, Texas A&M – Central Texas advisory council, and the Texas Christian Schools Association.

Jim is a firm believer in the Capstone process, which creates a personalized route to college for each student. He is committed to maintaining Capstone’s high standards and upholding Capstone’s reputation for excellence, while continuing to stay on the cutting edge of the ever-changing world of college admissions and test prep.

He’s also a Capstone fan on a personal level. His wife, Kelley, a middle school counselor, previously served as a Capstone advisor, and his son, Clayton, now at East Texas Baptist University, was a Capstone student.

Jim holds a B.S. in History from The University of Texas at Tyler. He earned his M.Ed. from Texas Christian University.