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The LeaderCorp™ Academy Package focuses on self-discovery and exploration of the student’s educational goals, interests, and strengths. This is the time for students to build a solid foundation and position themselves for success their Junior and Senior years. Test scores, extracurricular activities, volunteer service, work experience—does all of that really matter? You bet it does! Students who complete the Leadercorp™ program receive 45% more opportunities for admissions and scholarships. We’ll show you how to start building an academic and personal resume that will get you ahead of the game when it’s time to apply for college. Student who begin working with Capstone early increase their opportunities for college admissions and scholarship opportunities.  Our LeaderCorp™ Academy students have developed movers and shakers in their communities-watch some of their stories below. Capstone helps each student discover a passion and walks them through the process of developing and successfully implementing their dream project.  Capstone calls it their Significant Legacy Project™ because these projects impact the lives and communities of others long after they move to college.  As a result, these students end up with a myriad of choices and opportunities as they sift through an abundance of admissions and scholarship offers.  

The LeaderCorp™ Package includes:

  • Initial consultation

  • Four-year curriculum planning (including honors, pre-AP, AP classes)

  • Creation of personal academic mission statement

  • Study skills and learning styles assessment

  • Strategies for studying

  • Time management skills

  • Transcript overview

  • PSAT results explanation

  • Exploration of careers and interests

  • Match career interests with degree plans

  • LeaderCorp™ Student Leadership Academy Application

  • Interviewing skills and tools

  • Establishing goals

  • Tracking progress of goals

  • Learning to develop a goal implementation plan

  • Development of a leadership portfolio

  • LeaderCorp™ Leadership Certification after completion

  • Matched opportunities with national leadership, internship and research organizations

  • Graduation from the two year program

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An Innovative and Unique Leadership Program for Freshmen and Sophomores

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