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Writing a College Essay – Tip #6 – You Need Several Sets of Eyes Looking at Your Essay

December 28th, 2017 by
After you have completed your essay, make sure you share it with those who will provide constructive feedback on it.  Every person has a unique set of skills they can bring to the table when evaluating your essay. Make sure you utilize   those skills by getting input from others.  I go over each of our student’s essay before they submit them to help clean them up and remove wording that I know colleges may not like.  However, each of my students are also encouraged to let their English teacher look them over for grammar, sentence structure, verb agreement, etc.  These are things I may miss or there may be things the teacher misses which I recognize.  The key is to have at least three people look over your essay and share their thoughts on it.  It is also good to have a close family member look over your essay.  They can provide a unique perspective since they know you on a personal level.  They can verify events and help you make it more personal than a school acquaintance or outside person. While it is important to get others to offer an opinion on your essay, it is not a good idea to have them change your essay in a significant way.  In other words, you want others to offer suggestions but not re-write your essay for you.  They may help with some wording while keeping your main idea intact or they could offer a different direction you may want to pursue; just make sure your essay does not become someone else’s idea and remains your words. Seek advice from others.  Search out the opinions of those who you would consider experts in writing college essays for help.  Because there is so much at stake in your college essays, you want it to be the best it can be.