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Writing a College Essay – Tip #4 – Recycle

December 28th, 2017 by
Recycling is something we should all do to help the environment.  However, many people don’t think about recycling essays.  Since most of the applications are done electronically, recycling essays does not technically save paper, but it will help save energy when sending in essays for colleges.  As you complete more and more essays you will find that some of the prompts will be very similar if not exactly like some of the prompts you have already completed in other applications.  As a result, look for ways to tweak your essays or find applications where you can use the same essays.  This will save you work and help you be more efficient with your time.  Believe it or not, many colleges purposefully use the same prompts as other colleges to give you an opportunity to use an essay you have already written.  In fact, the Common App allows you to use a prompt that you have chosen or used before.  A popular myth is that college do this as a test to see if you will take the easy route.  However, the reality is that they are trying to help you - not trick you.  Start early on your writing prompts and it will help you through the application process. As you continue to move along applying to several colleges, you will be able to use earlier essays at a later time in the application process and you will be glad you were prepared.