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Will Arnold: Be Prepared

April 29th, 2013 by

Will Arnold | Capstone College & Career Advising studentWill Arnold doesn’t believe in putting off until tomorrow what you can get finished today. He earned his Eagle Scout badge when he was just 16 – a full year before the typical Eagle Scout. So it’s no surprise he started preparing for college when he was just a freshman.

“I wanted to get an edge,” Will says, explaining why he began monthly sessions with Capstone advisors last year as a freshman at Robert E. Lee High School.

Will knew he liked math and science, but he also enjoyed creative work. He was open to exploring many colleges, but was especially attracted to Texas A&M University, which three of his siblings have attended.

With the help of Capstone’s advisors, Will researched careers that matched his skills, interests, and personality. The process was illuminating, he says. Although a good match on paper, he decided against medicine because he did not like the prospect of long hours and repetitive tasks.

Another early interest, architecture, was a better fit. It requires creativity along with math and science skills, and offers the work-life balance he wants. Even better, he learned that his favorite school, Texas A&M, has a strong architecture program.

Now Will feels ahead of the game. He is already working on his college resume and is planning to take test prep courses to boost his scores for the competitive application process. When application time rolls around next year, he’ll be ready.