Capstone College and Career Advising

More than ever before, preparing for college is crucial to the future of this generation of students.


Capstone students who receive college acceptances.

And getting admitted into the right-fit college isn’t like it used to be. Times have changed. And so have the admission requirements.

The 2017 Capstone graduate is averaging $151,000 (per student) in scholarship offers

No wonder students sometimes feel lost on the college journey. Relax. Capstone has the map. You can trust the experienced team of advisors at Capstone to help navigate the complex college preparation and application processes while maximizing every opportunity. We’re one of a kind, just like you. Some college advising companies provide cookie-cutter services; Student A goes to College B for Career C. Not at Capstone. Our unique, innovative, and personal approach to advising can’t be found online or anywhere else.

Our professional advisors help students:

Most important, Capstone believes in our students. We are the voice encouraging them to reach for their dreams and never stop believing in themselves and their potential.