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Why Be Involved in High School? Part III – The College Close Knit Connection

September 6th, 2018 by
When a student is involved on campus during their college years, they develop a sense of family with the institution they attend - along with the fellow alumni and students from that university.  It creates a close connection among graduates and the institution.  When these students go into the world and become successful, they show their appreciation by investing back into the university which helped them find success.  This is why universities look for students who will not only thrive academically on campus but also thrive socially as well.  It helps develop a closer sense of connection and stay connected to the wonderful experiences they found on campus while attending there.  It also provides the university with a significant return on their investment and helps them grow their brand all over the world.

Capstone can help you highlight your involvement.  We can help you build a resume which will help emphasize your strengths and show your involvement outside of the classroom, which in turn can increase your opportunities in the college admissions process.