Capstone College and Career Advising

“I have always believed in treating my students as if they were my own children. I believe in encouraging, caring for, and challenging each student to reach their full potential as they work toward discovering the college and career of their dreams.”

—Jim Bell, CEO


Jim Bell


During his 20-year career in secondary education, Jim Bell, M.Ed., served in many capacities: teacher, principal, head of school. He trained and supervised counselors; he became a sought-after speaker and mentor, working with faculties, school boards and community groups. But his heart was always in working with students...
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Essay Consultants, Tutors, & Test Prep Instructors

Jenny Sowers

Test Prep Instructor; Tutor, English and Reading; Essay Consultant

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Taylor Cannon

Lead English and Reading Test Prep Instructor; Tutor; Essay Consultant

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Crystal Phelps

Mathematics Lead Test Prep Instructor; Tutor

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Danielle Bryan

Test Prep Instructor and Tutor

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Ann Ives

Test Prep Instructor; Tutor, Math

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