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When should you start the process? Now!

February 13th, 2013 by

When is it time to start preparing for college applications? Believe it or not – freshman year is not too early! Capstone Advising

While today’s parents may have put off applying for college until spring of their senior year, today’s high school students start the process much earlier. The average senior now applies to nine schools; not so long ago, most applied to just two or three. The average acceptance rate at colleges has dropped to 64 percent, down from 70 percent about ten years ago. And many prestigious public and private colleges accept far fewer. Harvard admitted fewer than 6 percent of applicants in 2012. The University of Texas at Austin admits less than half. 

Why start early? Because there’s so much to do before you even start applications. Even in early high school, students should:

Your future awaits. Why not go out and meet it?