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What’s in a Name?

October 23rd, 2019 by

Stanford along with Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and all of the Ivy League schools have very low acceptance rates among applicants.  The competitiveness is crazy with only 5-7% of applicants being chosen to these outstanding institutions.  Many students can be crushed by not being one of the few chosen, but are these colleges really the right fit for you? Prestigious Universities can be highly competitive but that doesn’t always translate as success at the institution once you are admitted.  Many prestigious colleges have lower graduation rates than many lesser known universities.  In fact, the first Ivy League school to enter the top ten list of the highest graduation rates is Princeton coming in at 12 on the list.  College of the Holy Cross enters this list as the third highest graduation rate with a 40% admissions acceptance rate compared to Princeton which has a 6% admissions acceptance rate. Just because a college is hard to get into doesn’t mean you will be successful there. 

Only 2% of college football players make it to the NFL.  Many people place an emphasis on the stature of being drafted in the 1st round and this is seen as the most prestigious honor of selection to a team. However, many of these first-round players do not make it in the NFL.  Take Johnny Manziel, Tim Couch, Brian Bosworth, Rick Mirer and many others for example.  When you compare these high draft picks with the lower level draftees such as 6th round Tom Brady, the draft would rank them much differently in their selection process versus their actual ranking in NFL history.  This selection process is often times a failure.  Similarly, college selection does not determine your success and a lower status ranking on the selection process is not an indicator of failure or lack of success.  Many students who have been turned down by competitive Ivy league schools have flourished at less competitive schools and most times, have received much higher scholarships at these lesser known schools.  All while successfully completing their degree and finding success in top organizations – with much lower student debt. 

Considering a university strictly for the status of the institution is not the best way to choose the right college for you.  Does the college align with your values and are you a good fit for their institutional culture.  Most of all, how well will the institution assist you in finding a job or moving you to the next level of your education?  Capstone helps students with researching the right college for you and when you go through our process, you are left with incredible college options - both financially and educationally.