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There are many free resources to help you with the ACT or SAT.  Here are just a few free resources which can help you out.  However, you should remember that you get what you pay for.  To truly maximize your scores, you should consider taking a Test Prep Course for the exam.  Capstone offers the most comprehensive test prep courses available taught with live experienced instructors.  Learn more about the courses Capstone offers.  Learn More about Capstone


Capstone College and Career Advising has made every attempt to keep these resource sites updated.   Capstone is not responsible for any promises or information contained in these sites.  It is strictly provided as a resource tool for students.  Applications, guidelines and deadlines are solely the responsibility of the student. 




College Board


Kahn Academy


SAT Flashcards


Daily Practice for the SAT


SAT Word List


Peterson’s Test Prep Resources