Capstone College and Career Advising

Your child’s academic future is your most important investment…don’t miss the mark!

Capstone College and Career Advising offers a wide range of educational services. The team at Capstone has years of experience working with students and providing personalized feedback to help students understand the entire college application process.


“Capstone helped me in so many ways prepare myself for college. The people working through Capstone are so helpful and made sure the students came first. They also provide great ACT and SAT classes that helped me out a lot as well.”

—Prep Course Student

Test Prep Courses for SAT and ACT
Capstone is dedicated to helping students improve their test scores and empowering them with the tools that will help them achieve future educational success well beyond test prep.
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Full-Length Practice Tests
Although taking a practice test may not be students’ ideal way to spend a Saturday morning, it can help boost their scores. Our instructors proctor the exam and assist the students with the self-scoring process.
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Institutional Test Prep Courses for the SAT and ACT
Capstone contracts with independent school districts to provide the same 18-hour test prep course on high school campuses.
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Academic or test prep tutoring is a reciprocal process that enhances knowledge and strategy-building through guided reinforcement.
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Essay Consulting
Your essay reveals something important about you that your grades and test scores can’t—your personality.
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