Capstone College and Career Advising

Taylor Cannon

Lead English and Reading Test Prep Instructor; Tutor; Essay Consultant

“Everything depends on the student. The way I teach every class and every student is a little different, because my goal is to meet their goal, whether it’s to get more scholarship money due to having a higher ACT score, or raising their SAT scores just enough to get into the school of the dreams. And if they don’t have a goal, we’ll figure one out, and work toward that.”

As a middle school language arts teacher, Taylor Cannon always had a heart for the students who needed a little extra help or guidance to succeed; she spent extra hours coordinating after-school tutoring sessions and teaching summer school. This experience, and her years in the classroom, served as excellent training for her role at Capstone. Taylor works both in small groups and one-on-one with students, coaching and instructing them as they work toward their dreams.

Taylor earned her BA in English, with a minor in writing, from Stephen F. Austin State University.