Capstone College and Career Advising

Crystal Phelps

Mathematics Lead Test Prep Instructor; Tutor

"I love working here, and from a personal perspective, I can tell you Capstone provides a priceless resource. My son will be attending Texas A&M at Galveston in the NROTC program this fall, in large part because of the assistance Donna Spann and the Capstone team provided.”

A classroom veteran of more than 15 years, Crystal has taught math from 6th grade through high school, and she currently teaches Algebra II at an east Texas high school. This experience has prepared her well for her role as a mathematics tutor at Capstone, where she works to equip students with the skills and confidence they will need to succeed at high-stakes tests and, later, at their dream college. Crystal also helps organize and implement the test prep instructor schedules and curriculum, ensuring that students cover the material that poses the toughest obstacles to their success.

Crystal attended Texas A&M University and completed her bachelor’s degree in elementary education at California University of Pennsylvania. She earned a master’s degree in secondary education, with a math specialization, from the University of North Texas.