Capstone College and Career Advising

Cody Hunter

SAT/ACT Prep Tutor

“I tell my students that, OK, I know you might be thinking of things you’d rather be doing than taking a test prep course, but if you will put in the time and pay attention, you will be rewarded by gaining some skills and getting that test anxiety out of the way. And, yes, we’ll have some fun doing it, too.”

Cody comes by his enthusiasm for test prep courses naturally: His mother was an SAT and ACT tutor, and she got him started on the road to good test scores early. In fact, by the time he was a junior in high school, he’d already achieved the score he needed to get into the colleges he hoped to attend. So as a test prep tutor, he understands the value of preparing early and identifying those areas where students need a little extra work to get that score they’re shooting for. He aims to help students not just sharpen their academic skills but their confidence, so they can achieve their scores without stress and worry.

Cody graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a bachelor’s degree in music business. He also teaches private guitar, drum and piano lessons, and helps lead conferences and seminars at Pine Cove Christian Camps.