Capstone College and Career Advising

“We have been blessed to receive services from Capstone and the exemplary guidance throughout the application process and career investigation. We are more than thrilled at the admissions invitations from both Baylor and Texas A&M. It delights me to no end to see our daughter’s hard work turn into opportunity.”

—Kathy Robertson,
Capstone Parent

Capstone Advising helps students as they go through the college application process. We can help with it all: from helping you discover your passions, strengths, and skills for ongoing success in specific career fields with career assessments to making your college search more productive with our college search services.

We specialize in helping identify and explore colleges and careers that match a student’s educational goals and personal interests. Capstone is a full-service college and career advising team partnering with students to plan for and maximize their college candidacy. We are there whenever and however you need us—from test prep, extracurricular activities, summer programs, scholarships and applications to advice on courses and college selection. Achieving your unique vision of success—and believing in your dreams—matters most to us. We simply provide the consistent motivation, skilled advisors, and professional experience to get you there.

We also provide a world class summer leadership experience with our partnership with Student Leadership University.  To learn more about Capstone’s Summer Leadership Experience , click here

We offer several packages customized to students’ specific needs depending on where they are in their high school careers.


Freshman & Sophomore

focus on self-discovery and exploration of the student’s educational goals, interests, and strengths.
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is our most comprehensive option and is designed to help students get into the “right fit” college.
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Senior Express

is designed for seniors who have explored their expected collegiate course of study, career interests, and colleges.
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College Transfer

is for the student who wishes to transfer from one four-year or community college to another.
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