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Ready, Set, Test!

February 13th, 2013 by

A-List's  SAT and ACT materialsYour score on the SAT or the ACT is a huge piece of your college application. Along with your GPA and your class rank, it’s what college admission officers will scrutinize when deciding whether to grant you that coveted letter of acceptance. And as the college admission process becomes more competitive, the scores needed to  get into many choice schools have been  rising steadily.

No pressure, right?

Being confident and prepared will help you achieve your best scores. So Capstone is now implementing one of the nation’s premier test-prep services, A-List.

Founded by Ivy League grads, A-List develops its own proprietary SAT and ACT materials, based on years of research, teaching, and test experience. Our instructors have trained in the A-List method to create intensive, two-week courses, conveniently scheduled just prior to national test dates.

Check our Events page for our upcoming schedule and begin preparing to achieve.