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Outside Scholarship Resources

There are thousands of scholarships search sites available to students and once you find one, there can be 50-100 scholarship matches for you.  While this seems like a wonderful opportunity, it can be overwhelming for a high school senior as they try to juggle their time with school, applications, ACT/SAT testing, activities, etc.  It can be virtually impossible to apply to 50 scholarships and write an essay for each of them.  That is why Capstone helps students manage this process and works with them to choose the best scholarship opportunities while making the most efficient use of their time through the process.  Learn how to manage these wonderful resources.  Learn More about Capstone


Capstone College and Career Advising has made every attempt to keep these scholarship resource sites updated.   Capstone is not responsible for any promises or information contained in these scholarship sites.  It is strictly provided as a resource tool for students.  Applications, guidelines and deadlines are solely the responsibility of the student. 


College Net






School Soup


Super College


Tuition Funding Sources


USA Scholarships


Scholarship Library


College Tool Kit






Diversity Scholarship Resources

Minority Scholarships


Hispanic Scholarship Fund

United Negro College Fund


Diversity Abroad Scholarship Search


International Scholarship

Ron Brown Scholar Program


Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarships


Dallas Jewish Community Foudation Scholarships


National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering Scholarships


National Society of Black Engineers Scholarships

Ambassadorial Scholarships


CHCI Hispanic Scholarship Search


American Institute of Architects Diversity Advancement Scholarships