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New Student Upload Option for Submitting Credentials

October 28th, 2012 by

Texas A&M

New Student Upload Option in AIS for Submitting Credentials
Texas A&M University now offers students who have applied for admission the capability to upload supporting documents via the Applicant Information System (AIS) (­—instead of mailing them or providing them through third-party vendors. The advantage of submitting these after students have submitted their application is that the documents are immediately assigned to the appropriate student file through the student’s self-identification in the AIS portal, and they are viewable within 24 hours. Documents available for upload include: letters of recommendation, resumes, essays, residency documents, immunization documents, etc.

There are three important documents that cannot be uploaded due to their sensitivity: official transcripts, test scores and fee waivers. Transcripts must be official and should be submitted electronically using TREx. (We also accept transcripts sent using third party vendors Naviance/Docufide; however, our processing is quicker using TREx.) Test scores should continue to come directly from the testing agency, and fee waivers should continue to be mailed to our Fee Processing Office.

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