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Our Freshman and Sophomore Packages focus on self-discovery and exploration of the student’s educational goals, interests, and strengths. This is the time for students to build a solid foundation and position themselves for success their Junior and Senior years. Test scores, extracurricular activities, volunteer service, work experience—does all that stuff really matter? You bet it does! We’ll show you how to start building an academic and personal resume that will get you ahead of the game when it’s time to apply for college.

Freshman Package includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Find MySpark™ career survey
  • Four-year curriculum planning
  • Creation of personal academic mission statement
  • Study skills and learning styles assessment
  • Strategies for studying
  • Time management skills
  • Transcript overview

Sophomore Package includes:

  • College admissions and placement exams
  • iStart Strong™ career assessment
  • Planning your curriculum (honors, pre-AP, AP classes)
  • PSAT results explanation
  • Evaluate study skills progress
  • Exploration of careers and interests
  • Match career interests with degree plans
  • Overview of Junior year plan

Leadercorp™ Certification Package includes:

  • The Freshman Package plus:
  • Leadercorp™ Student Leadership Academy Application
  • Interviewing skills and tools
  • Establishing goals
  • Tracking progress of goals
  • Learning to develop and goal implementation plan
  • Development of a leadership portfolio
  • Leadercorp Leadership Certification after completion
  • Participation opportunities with national leadership organizations

Leadercorp™ Academy Package includes:

  • The Leadercorp™ Certification Package plus:
  • Graduation from the two year program
  • Leadership Program Profile outlining the leadership program and the student’s leadership achievements within the program – sent directly from Capstone to the colleges the student applies to.

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clientcorner“I started Capstone in the 8th grade. Doing this was one of the best decisions of my life. Capstone was always willing to help me in all of my endeavors. This includes essays, scholarships, resumes, applications, and leadership opportunities. I would especially like to thank everyone involved in establishing Capstone Pioneers. Capstone has been a major foundation that will help benefit me for many years to come.”

—J. Goodwin
Capstone Student