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Early Start = Less Stress

February 13th, 2013 by

Arjun Rawal | Capstone AdvisingDuring the fall of his senior year in high school, Arjun Rawal watched his friends stress out over college applications. But thanks to his work with Capstone, Arjun didn’t stress out along with them. “I was just sitting there at the lunch table enjoying my lunch,” Arjun remembers. “I was already finished.” 

To find his “dream college,” Arjun started working with Capstone early. By fall of senior year, while his friends were just getting started, Arjun had researched schools and completed his early applications. He even knew he was in contention for several scholarships. By the time Arjun was accepted at two very good schools, his Capstone advisor was ready to serve as his sounding board as he sorted options and made his choice.

Now Arjun is enjoying his first year at The University of Texas at Austin. He was also one of just 14 recipients of The Forty Acres Scholars Program, the full-ride, merit-based UT scholarship that recruits and recognizes exceptional students.

Clearly, Arjun would succeed at any university – but he credits Capstone with helping him find the perfect fit. “I never would have met with professors or made [campus visits] without Capstone,” he says, adding that he was prompted to explore schools on a much deeper level than simply surfing online. His parents agree. When his Capstone advisor created a meticulous timeline of applications and deadlines, Arjun shared it with them to keep them in the loop. “It took away a lot of the stress on my family.”

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