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Capstone College and Career Advising Student Engagement Initiative

The future of East Texas is dependent on educating and supporting students from our area. Our goal should be to invest in our local students with the hopes of them bringing their talents back to the East Texas community. When high school students can make local connections in the industry, they will seek employment after college where they are most connected and have the most opportunities. In addition the industries in the area will seek educated college students who are proven to be dependable, hard workers, intelligent, quick learners and have roots grounded in the area. Please consider investing in the students of this area by completing the quick form below. Once completed, Capstone will contact you for more information and add your organization to its portfolio to be distributed to dependable, highly selective, motivated high school workers. These student workers will contact you for a formal interview to insure they are a good fit your your organization.

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    Non-Paid After School InternshipNon-Paid Summer InternshipWeek Long Job Shadowing OpportunityOne Day Job Shadowing OpportunityOne on One Mock Interview

    I am interested in having a high school student provide community service for my nonprofit organization: (Check all that apply)

    One-time student volunteerRegular volunteer – one studentSignificant group project – similar to an Eagle Scout project – organized by a high school student to completionStudent organized team of volunteers to help with a significant organizational need (project, event, etc.)

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    Sponsoring a student in need for a College Advising packageSponsoring a student in need for SAT or ACT Test PrepSponsoring a free SAT or ACT Test Prep Class for the communitySponsoring a free SAT or ACT Test Prep Class for a schoolPartnering with another organization for any of the aboveSponsoring a student for a summer leadership programSponsoring a student for a summer academic or research program

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