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Community service: Following your passion

April 29th, 2013 by

Catherine Butschi | Capstone Advising AlumMost college admission officers prefer that students get deeply involved in one or two volunteer commitments, rather than spread their time thinly over many activities. To get the most out of your community service, follow your passion. By identifying a community need that resonates with you – and then working to fill that need or solve that problem – you'll gain valuable experience and deep personal satisfaction.

Capstone alum Catherine Butschi was still in high school when she heard about the problems of human trafficking right here in Texas. Moved by the victims’ plight, she jumped in to help: after spending weeks organizing two pancake breakfast benefits, she raised more than $2,000 for Refuge of Light, a local safe home for girls rescued from sex trafficking operations.

“I encourage high school students to get involved with something they’re passionate about,” says Catherine, who was happy to work long hours for charity because she knew she was making a difference. “The more driven you are about your volunteer work, the more you will succeed!”