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  • Engages students and parents with your school - thus increasing your prospect list.

  • Live interactive classroom with entertaining and engaging instruction, practice and online resources for students.

  • Convenient breaks to switch to live admissions personnel for tours or add informational promotional videos throughout the course.

  • Innovative and imaginative ways to market something valuable to potential students

  • Cost effective and cheaper with more engagement than typical online college events.

  • Capstone is set up and experienced to provide test prep for institutions and can help guide your office through the planning of a great event which is uniquely marketed through your admissions office.  

  • Capstone has years of experience partnering with high schools and colleges.

  • Flexibility to meet with department heads remotely and provide Q&A sessions within the event day.

  • Moves your college forward when reengaging your students with your programs.

  • Meets the needs of out of town students who cannot come to campus or fits the needs of campuses who still place restrictions for onsite tours.

  • Students leave knowing more about your college and feeling good about learning new tips and strategies about the upcoming ACT or SAT exam.

  • Helps recruited students reach needed scores for admissions and departmental scholarships.

  • Flexibility to match a program which fits your needs and budget!

Test Prep College Partnership

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