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College Deadline Choices

September 18th, 2013 by

One of the most nerve-racking parts of the college application process is managing the deadlines for all of the different college applications you are juggling. Try plugging your deadlines into your phone’s calendar and setting the alarm to remind you of important dates. It helps when you get a text message or email to let you know about an upcoming deadline.

Many colleges give you multiple options for applying. Some allow you to apply early,or before the regular application deadline. Typically, the early application deadline falls around November 1, whereas the regular deadline can be as late as February. When you apply early to a college, you typically find out whether you have been accepted, waitlisted, or rejected in December – well before the Regular Decision applicants find out.

However, not all schools are the same. Some offer an Early Decision process while others offer an Early Action or Single-Choice Early Action process. Some colleges don’t offer any early programs at all. These different options for applying early can get confusing, so here's a quick explanation:

Remember, the applicant pool in early application programs can be more competitive. If your application isn't totally polished by the early deadline, or you're not yet satisfied with your SAT or ACT scores and want to retake them, you may want to hold off and apply Regular Decision. Get advice and strategically approach which deadline option is best for you!

When you make a final decision on which college you will attend, you must inform the admissions office by May 1. May 1st is referred to as the universal reply date because that is the agreed upon date for colleges throughout the country to receive decisions from students.