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The process for applying to college is long and arduous.  It takes many resources and a large amount of time to navigate the process…if you know what you are looking for.  It is virtually impossible without the help of valuable resources and someone to help guide you along the way.  Capstone has provided several resources to help you with the college admissions process and we would love to help walk you through and make the most of these resources.  Learn more how Capstone can help you through this process.  Learn More about Capstone


Capstone College and Career Advising has made every attempt to keep these resource sites updated.   Capstone is not responsible for any promises or information contained in these scholarship sites.  It is strictly provided as a resource tool for students.  Applications, guidelines and deadlines are solely the responsibility of the student. 


NCAA Clearinghouse


NAIA Eligibility


Big Future – College Board


GPA Calculator


Life in College Resources


Generation TX








AP College Credit Search


Colleges with Programs for Disability Students


Job Advice


College Rankings