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Start Early

July 7th, 2017 by
According to a US News and World Report, waiting to take hard classes and looking at college scholarships your Junior or Senior year is too late to prepare for college. It may seem early in the game, but now is also the time to really think about scholarships.  You want to have that scholarship resume look the way you want it to, and you want to start right now, your ninth-grade year… - Use All 4 Years of High School to Prep for College – September 9,2013 You can go to Capstone’s Facebook page to read the full article. Capstone offers comprehensive and strategic packages for 9th and 10th graders to help increase their chances for college admissions and scholarships.  Below are a few reasons to consider utilizing Capstone early for college applications: Starting early and being strategic is the best way to increase a student's chances at college acceptance and scholarships.