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Why Be Involved in High School? Part II – The Well-Rounded College Student Advantage

September 6th, 2018 by
Why would an academic institution invest so many resources into a life outside of the classroom?  It seems they would love to have a student who only focused on academics and would forgo their social life to receive better grades.  Colleges are interested in students who succeed in the classroom but also want to experience college to the fullest.  They want students to be involved and feel a sense of belonging to the institution they attend.  These schools desire students who are well rounded and feel emotionally connected to their university.  One reason this is important for a school is because they want students who are, not only capable of learning information, but also capable of seeing a bigger world where this information they learn can be utilized to the benefit of society.  These are students who have experienced the world around them, outside of the classroom, and understand the pressing issues because they are more involved in a global society.  When these students receive an education and use this knowledge to do something worthwhile for society, the college receives recognition for a great accomplishment.

Capstone can help you highlight your involvement.  We can help you build a resume which will help emphasize your strengths and show your involvement outside of the classroom, which in turn can increase your opportunities in the college admissions process.