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Why Be Involved in High School? Part I – The College Experience

September 5th, 2018 by
Colleges spend millions of dollars creating a unique college experience on their campus.  They build recreation centers, highlight sports activities, encourage school spirit, create fun activities within the dorms, host special student events…and the list goes on.  Colleges create policies to encourage student participation in these activities – i.e. requiring students to live on campus their Freshman year of college.  As a result of this huge investment, universities look for students in the admissions process who will take advantage of these activities and recreation they provide.   They are not interested in students who will live like a hermit, lock themselves in their dorm room and study all day long.  While a strong GPA is important, students who show the potential to be active on campus, outside of the classroom, will receive preferential treatment over those who are “all business” when it comes to academics.

Capstone can help you highlight your involvement.  We can help you build a resume which will help emphasize your strengths and show your involvement outside of the classroom, which in turn can increase your opportunities in the college admissions process.